Monday, November 20, 2006

Because I believe that military actions aimed at military targets are justified in a war, even if they cause significant civilian casualties, I find little occasion to criticize Israeli policy re Lebanon or the Palestinians. Nevertheless, a few days ago the Times ran a piece on movement restrictions in the West Bank which describes actions on Israel's part which I think are counterproductive and unjust.
In one of the more sweeping restrictions, men under 35 from the northern West Bank are generally not allowed to leave the area. The rules often change, but this one has been enforced most days for the last four months, Palestinians say.
I don't think road blocks are unjustified, despite the inconvenience they cause to all those who wait in line, due to the lives they save. I can't oppose emergency lockdowns - when no one is allowed to pass through a road block - in response to reliable information that a terrorist attack will take place in the area soon. But a permanent lockdown for all men under 35 is going too far. It may be acceptable as an emergency response, but made quasi-permanent its a violation of human rights.


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