Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What kind of a Republican favors increased government regulation?

The answer, apparently, is a Republican who had a bad brush with the insurance industry:
Mr. Lott, a Republican and former majority leader, is one of thousands of homeowners on the Gulf Coast who have been fighting with their insurers over payments for damage in Hurricane Katrina...Mr. Lott’s claim for the loss of his $400,000 house in Pascagoula was rejected by State Farm.

Mr. Lott said he was...planning to introduce legislation requiring the insurers to include in their policies a prominent listing in plain English of what they refuse to cover. He said home insurance policies contained “a bunch of subterfuges” difficult for laymen or lawyers to comprehend.
I'm very sympathetic to libertarian views skeptical of goverment intervention, but this last part sounds to me like an excellent idea.


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