Wednesday, November 08, 2006

One story not getting much attention in the wake of the election results is the approval of Proposition 2 in Michigan (58%-42%), which bans affirmative action from public universities and agencies. University of Michigan and various interest groups have stated they will sue. I know nothing about the law, but given that challenges to the same ballot measure in California have failed, it seems unlikely that these efforts will be succesful.

I wonder if the backers of Proposition 2 will put up similar measures in more states in 2008. California and Michigan are arguably left of center, so that if an anti-affirmative-action measure can pass there, it can probably pass in most other states.

The full list of ballot measures in this election makes for interesting reading. A South Dakota measure allowing people with "debilitating conditions" to grow "not more than six plants" of marijuana narrowly failed 48%-52% (although I think it would have been purely symbolic as growing marijuana would have still been illegal under federal drug laws). Still, if medical marijuana measures have the support of 48% of the voters in South Dakota, I'm guessing that they have larger support nationwide. In other news, a silly Arizona measure to award $1 million to a random voter faced a resounding defeat 66%-34%.


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