Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Members of the media - I keep seeing the same story line all over the news: Democrats are all lined up behind Kerry with no dissent, but wait, Democrats are anti-war, Kerry is not anti-war, Democrats are for gay marriage, Kerry is not for gay marriage, ergo Democrats really, really hate Bush, are not enthusiastic about Kerry, and have all agreed to keep mum about this in order to win.

This would be convincing if Kerry were foisted upon the Democrats by a group of men deliberating in a smoke-filled room. But Kerry is there because, um, people voted for him. You know the Democratic primaries? Where people vote for their nominee?

Democrats could have chosen Dean who had plain anti-war appeal. They could have chosen Lieberman if they wanted a pure centrist. They could have chosen Edwards if they wanted a smooth-tongued advocate. But they chose Kerry.

They chose him because... I don't know why. But they chose him. The idea that they'd rather have someone else is just plain silly - can we please stop inserting it into the news?


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