Friday, August 06, 2004

One of the trademark features of conservative blogging is the rhetorical question: "why isn't the media reporting good news from Iraq?" Usually, this is followed by ruminations on the liberal character of the media and on the defeatism and America-hating that characterizes the left. Instapundit regularly provides "good news from Iraq" roundups. Over at Tacitus, a recent post asked why the media was not reporting that "the Iraqi State Board of Antiquities signed a multi-year partnership to jointly develop master conservation plans and training to help conserve Iraq's most endangered and important archaeological and world heritage sites..."

Today the Washington post comes out with this: Iraq's Sunni Muslim triangle west of Baghdad, the governor of Anbar Province, which includes the volatile cities of Fallujah and Ramadi, appeared on television in the company of men in masks and announced his resignation, a week after insurgents set fire to his house and kidnapped three of his sons.

Abdul Karim Rawi, shown on the al-Jazeera cable television network, read a statement saying he "repented" his cooperation with the "infidels."
The folks at Tacitus are right, of course: clearly the most important events going on in Iraq center around the Iraqi Antiquities Council.


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