Thursday, August 05, 2004

This is enraging: an anti-Kerry political ad claims Kerry lied about the incidents that won him medals in Vietnam and hurt veterans with his anti-war testimony.

This is rich, coming from a guy who passed the war far away from combat sitting in planes for the Texas Air National Guard; and a guy who did not go to Vietnam because "[he] had other priorities during that time." Especially considering that, in light of the evidence, Bush didn't even show up for much of his National Guard stint.

Formally, the ad was run not by Bush but by an outside group not directly funded by the campaign - an artificial distinction, given that the Bush campaign has refused to condemn the ad.

Update: Instapundit complains that Kerry is "suppressing dissent" by threatening to sue over this. But the ad contains some factual claims: that Kerry was not wounded trying to save a crewmate from death, that there was no enemy gunfire during this incident - claims that contradict what Kerry & his gunboat veterans say happened. If Kerry can prove in a court of law that his opponents are lying, he should sue -political dissent does not include disseminating known lies about your opponent.