Sunday, February 12, 2006

This seems to be old news, but I've just now stumbled upon it. It seems that the rampaging crowds in the middle east who demand that Europe punish speech that violates the Koran have found someone who agrees with them:

Cardinal Archille Silvestrini, head of the Vatican's department for Eastern Churches, told the Corriere della Sera freedom is not an absolute.

The Muslim world is furious over a cartoon that first appeared in a Danish newspaper depicting Mohammed wearing a head covering that actually was a lit bomb. The initial uproar prompted newspapers across Europe this week to reprint the offending caricature to emphasize press freedom.

"We, too, here in Europe, should rebel against the idea of mocking religious symbols," Silvestrini said. "Freedom to satirize which offends other people's feelings becomes prevarication."

The Italian news agency ANSA reported other clerics support Silvestrini's position.

"Freedom of the press, including satire, must stop where religious belief begins," said Cardinal Ersilio Tonini, former archbishop of Ravenna .


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