Monday, February 13, 2006

This is cute:

Muslims are disgusted by an adult toy on sale in Worcester because they say it disrespects the prophet Mohammed.

Adult store Ann Summers, in the High Street, is selling a blow-up male doll called Mustafa Shag.

The name of the novelty toy has outraged Muslims living in the city, who have said the name insults the Prophet Mohammed, who is also known by the title al-Mustafa.

Malik Mohammed Fayaz, chairman of the Worcester Muslim Welfare Association, based at Tallow Hill Mosque, said it was the gravest offence to insult any prophet.

He said all the Muslims in the city would share his disgust at the toy.

He said: "Every faith would be outraged if their prophet was insulted and their name used in this way.

"Although it is only a toy it should not have this name."

Jacqueline Gold, the owner of Ann Summers nationwide, said...."If anyone has a better name for a blow-up doll, please contact us."
Well, I'm all for freedom of expression, especially as it pertains to blow-up dolls, but I fancy I could come up with something better than "Mustafa Shag."


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