Monday, December 06, 2004

From a Times article today on electoral strategy in the election,
...the Bush team examined voters' television-viewing habits and cross-referenced them with surveys of voters' political and lifestyle preferences...

As the Bush team analyzed the data, stark differences between the viewing habits of Republicans and Democrats quickly emerged. The channels with the highest proportion of Democrats were Court TV and the Game Show Network; for Republicans, Speedvision and the Golf Channel.

During the week, Republicans switch off the tube earlier than Democrats do. (Republicans who stay up are more likely to tune in to Jay Leno, while Democrats flock to David Letterman.) Such revelations persuaded the Bush team to alter its media-buying strategy...

One of the shows most popular with Republicans, especially Republican women ages 18 to 34, turned out to be "Will & Grace," the sitcom about gay life in New York. As a result, while Mr. Bush was shoring up his conservative credentials by supporting a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage, his advertising team was buying time on a program that celebrates gay culture.

The Bush team broadcast commercials 473 times on "Will & Grace" in markets across the country from Jan. 1 to Nov. 2, according to the Wisconsin project.


At 3:51 PM, Blogger angela said...

1. will & grace sucks. its the kind of show that people who have no gay friends watch so they can daydream about how fun and quaint it would be to have a gay best friend in their lives. it confirms everyones suspicion that gay men are totally frivolous.

2. natalie is addicted to court tv. hahahaha


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