Wednesday, November 17, 2004

By now, you've probably heard about the NBC video showing a marine shooting an unarmed, wounded Iraqi in a mosque.

What is appalling is that Instapundit (and others) have been referring to this incident as "Fallujah Marine pulls a Kerry."


This goes back to one of the lesser publicized (and more ridiculous) charges against Kerry made back in the day: that Kerry committed war crimes by killing a vietcong sniper.

It is a fact that while driving his swift boat up the river sometime in 1969, Kerry killed an enemy sniper, who possessed a grenade launcher, and who was about to fire on Kerry's ship; but the Swift Boat Vets found one of Kerry's crewmates who said he fired at the sniper first, wounding him, so that the man was already wounded when Kerry chased him down and killed him. Voila, "war crimes."

If you can't differentiate between, on the one hand, chasing down a possibly wounded sniper with a grenade launcher; and on the other, shooting a clearly unarmed, helpless Iraqi left for dead then you've got major problems.


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