Saturday, October 30, 2004

Jim Geraghty writes at the National Review about the trecherous left:
I'm not going to go looking for too many "Well, now I agree with Osama" comments from lefties...But I had these comments by Daily Kos readers forwarded to me...
I'm going to make it easy for him: I agree with Osama.

This whole thing strikes me as a manifestation of the manichean anti-intellectualism that is prevalent on the right, where calling John Kerry "nuanced" passes for an insult. If Osama Bin Laden says X, am I obliged to believe Not X? Its not obvious to me why the views I hold should be the precise opposite of the views my enemy holds. If Bin Laden proclaims that he likes java chip frappucinos (mmm), should I stop purchasing them on trips to the local starbucks?

As it happens, I agree with Osama that that Patriot Act is not a good thing. Let us say I am puzzled at the exquisite concern he is showing for my civil liberties. But my opinion on the patriot act is based on logical premises that are not in any way altered by Osama's statement.

One could also turn the question around and point out that Osama would agree with the right's stance on abortion and gay marriage. Is that reason enough for them to look in the mirror and ask how they reached the point where they agreed with Osama Bin Laden?


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