Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The New York Times reports that Howard Dean (who is no longer the governor of Vermont) is trying to make a role for himself in national politics by starting a new organization:

The new group plans to use its interactive Web site (not the Cadillac model his campaign had, Dr. Dean warned) to recruit 1,000 candidates for local office, train staff to support them and raise money for Mr. Kerry and for others, like the House members who had backed Dr. Dean's bid.

The man is living in la-la land. Dean is a product of unique circumstances -- disputed 2000 election, Democratic anger over Bush's handling of 9/11 and the Iraqi war -- that are not going to persist in the future. His strongly liberal constituency is a minority force, even in the Democratic primaries. The article mentions that the budget of the organization is $2 million. He plans to recruit a thousand candidates (where exactly are these candidates going to run? the only places they'd fit would be ultra liberal strongholds like San Francisco). Thats what, $2000 per candidate? If it were that easy, I would recruit a candidate myself.


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