Wednesday, March 24, 2004

After the White House unleashed a flurry of ads attacking Kerry's votes in the Senate, Kerry responded in his sharp and ferocious manner by ... oh wait a second. Kerry, it seems, has decided to take a break on the ski slopes right at the beginning of the campaign. The Bush ads have received no response. And not all Democrats are happy, it seems; from a New York Times article:

... as Mr. Kerry disappeared to regroup on the slopes of Sun Valley this weekend, he left Democrats recoiling at the disparity between his campaign in the works and that of the White House, which has devoted six months to preparing for this moment.

I was especially amused to read the following exchange in a Associated Press report:

Hitting the slopes for the final time on his ski vacation, presumptive Democratic nominee John Kerry on Tuesday ducked a dispute over what some Democrats are calling a White House effort to discredit former counterterrorism adviser Richard Clarke.

"I don't know anything about it," said Kerry, questioned by reporters as he arrived at the ski slopes. "It's my last hours, my last hours."

Dude: you are the Democratic presidential nominee. If you don't know anything about the recent terrorism spat, perhaps its time to pick up a newspaper and learn about it. I'm sorry the media won't let you ski in peace, but perhaps you can go skiing after you lose to Bush in November.


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