Friday, February 11, 2005

Some links:

- David Brooks recently invoked the work of Harvard sociologist Theda Skocpol to argue that newly dominant secular elites are taking over the Democratic party. Skocpol, in a Salon article, writes that Brooks misrepresents her work and misunderstands the state of social movements in America.

- More fascist filth coming from "mainstream" conservatives (I use fascist here to describe the "our political opponents are traitors/helping the enemy" type arguments).

- Apparently, President Bush is a big fan of I Am Charlotte Simmons. Can't say I am surprised. The story has this charming quote:
"I'm reading, I think on a good night, maybe 20 to 30 pages," the president told Brian Lamb of C-Span in an interview at the White House last month. "I'm exercising quite hard these days, and I get up very early, and so the book has become somewhat of a sedative. I mean, maybe there are some other old guys like me who get into bed, open the book, 20 pages later you're out cold.


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