Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Its never too early to start thinking about the next election.

We need a democrat with

i. lots of foreign policy experience
ii. moderate views and electoral appeal
iii. preferably no terms in congress

About the last point - congressmen are very easily attacked for their votes; when one votes against a bill with thousands of provisions based on a few particularly egregious ones, your opponents will mischaracterize your vote as being against the nice-sounding parts of the bill. Case in point: John Kerry voted against an $87 billion measure to fund the war because it had a $20 billion no-bid contract for Halliburton, and voted for an alternative $87 billion bill without said contract. I don't need to bring up how "I actually voted for it before I voted against it" played in the press.

Hillary is too liberal, too polarizing. Edwards does not have as much foreign policy experience as one would like, not to mention he served in the Senate. Perhaps Bill Richardson? Almost perfect, except he served in Congress for 15 years.

Any ideas?


At 11:26 PM, Blogger angela said...

if only clark could get his shit together? or am i just being naive. cosmetically, hes a good call, no?

At 11:45 PM, Blogger alex said...

nah. clark's run this year was politically suicidal. what did him on was loony comments on how bush may have known about 9/11. he also had lots and lots of embarassing blunders when it came to domestic policy - he got lost and made confusing and contradictory statements.


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