Sunday, October 03, 2004

Can't feel anything but disgust at the Dean wing of the Democratic party for spreading insinuations that Bush will reinstate the draft. There is absolutely no evidence of any kind that Bush would undertake this (politically suicidal) move.

Its one thing to argue that Bush's policies have overstretched the military and thus brought us closer to the reinstitution of the draft. Its another to argue, as I just saw Dean do on CNN, that Bush has a "secret plan" to impose the draft after the election.

Polls show that 51% of Americans believe that Bush would be likely to reinstate the draft if elected and some Democrats have seized on this to make their accusations. In this, they are no different from the current administration which conflated Saddam with Al Qaeda in the hope of inseparably linking the two in the American mind - despite having no actual evidence that they are linked. Its deceitful and its wrong.

...and I'm glad Kerry has not jumped on the bandwagon with this.


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