Friday, July 02, 2004

Shorter Paul Krugman: Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911" fools you into thinking lots of things are true that actually, umm, arent true; but it criticizes Bush, whom I dislike, so its a good movie. By the way, not all of the facts in the movie are wrong. And if conservatives don't like Moore's deceptions, why don't they criticize Bush for lying?

Read Krugman's column here. David Koppel writes about the misleading bits of "Fahrenheit 911" here.

Update: By the way, not everything in the Koppel piece is kosher -- some of the things he calls "lies" are just slants he disagrees with -- but most of his criticisms are valid. A bit ironic of me to post something thats deceitful to demonstrate that...Moore's movie is deceitful; but the Koppel piece is nevertheless the best debunking I know of, if you ignore its ridiculous bits.


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