Tuesday, June 08, 2004

On growing up in the Soviet Union:

Once again, our teacher discusses politics with us. We are told of the horrors of the western lifestyle. We are used to these stories and are no longer surprised by them. I am absolutely certain that most people in America live on the streets in cardboard boxes, that all Americans are constantly preoccupied with the building of air raid shelters, that the country is undergoing yet another crisis.

This time we are told about New York. An article from "New York Times" is shown on the distribution of cheese to the homeless. A few tons of cheese were given away for free, 100 grams to each person. Our teacher stresses that these people will receive nothing for the next month.

I ask whether they will die of hunger.

Of course they will die -- replies the teacher. But they will be replaced with new crowds of unemployed workers.

I believe her.

From White on Black by Ruben David Gonzalez Galiego.


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