Saturday, June 19, 2004

Michiko Kakutani is overrated.

I feel compelled to say this after reading her review of Clinton's book.

I have not read Clinton's memoir (not planning on it either) and I have little to say about Kakutani's unrelenting dissatisfaction. Certain portions of the review, however, bristle with incompetence. For example:

In many ways, the book is a mirror of Mr. Clinton's presidency: lack of discipline leading to squandered opportunities; high expectations, undermined by self-indulgence and scattered concentration...But the very lack of focus and order that mars these pages also prevented him from summoning his energies in a sustained manner to bring his insights about the growing terror threat and an Israeli-Palestinian settlement to fruition.

The peace settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians failed because...Clinton didn't concentrate hard enough? Perhaps the literary reviewer should stop playing foreign policy pundit. That the Times -- the most prestigious newspaper in America -- should allow such drivel to be published on its pages, even in the guise of a book review, is astonishing.


At 6:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

obviously and understandably, political science students are a bunch of assholes.

nevertheless, i firmly support the poli sci student mandate to condescendingly giggle at opinionated arts students from outside the faculty.

i suppose this makes you an honourary poli sci student.


At 1:50 PM, Blogger alex said...

it does! this is what i've wanted all my life angela


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