Saturday, April 17, 2004

Remember the "fifty tons of mustard gas found on a turkey farm" Bush mentioned every other sentence in his press conference?

At the time, I couldn't help but think how rednecky it was. The man has problems thinking in abstractions -- nuclear proliferation,
inspection regimes, national soverignty. But he likes specifics -- 50 tons of mustard gas he can understand. Turkey farms -- he
knows what those are.

Now the latest snippet from the White House:

...the White House said the accurate figure for the Libyan mustard gas was 23.6 metric tons, or 26 short tons, not 50 tons.

Moreover, the substance was found at different locations across Libya, not at a turkey farm. And observers did not find mustard gas on the farm at all, but rather unfilled chemical munitions, the White House acknowledged.

Reminds me of an old jewish joke: "Is it true that Cohen won a million in the state lottery? Yes, it is true, but it was only ten dollars, in a poker game, and he actually lost it".


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