Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Dear fellow liberals,

I was watching Bill Maher's HBO show the other day when I saw something quite annoying. Former Bush speechwriter David Frum was arguing that once you embark on a mission of freing the world of dictators, there's no reason why you can't start with those most menacing to you personally (i.e. Saddam). Another guest on the show -- some famous musician everybody but me has heard of -- replied, "wouldn't that be North Korea?" Due to the applause of the audience and Bill Maher's move to change the topic, Frum never managed to respond.

It's not a good argument. We can't attack North Korea because they have nuclear weapons. Iraq didn't have them -- this is why we had the option of military force. This option does not exist with North Korea; they can blackmail us by threatening to drop a nuke on Tokyo (we have a military pact with Japan) if we attack.

So please, please stop raising this objection.


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