Friday, January 23, 2004

Who says Bush hasn't done anything for the economy ? From this Reuters report:

Bush's motorcade stopped at the Roswell, New Mexico eatery for lunch and Bush stepped behind the counter, threw his arm over the shoulder of the owner and said: "I need some ribs."


"This is my chance to help this lady put some money in her pocket," Bush said. "Let me explain how the economy works. When you spend money to buy food, it helps this lady's business. It makes it more likely somebody is going to find work."

Oh, so this is how the economy works. Mr. President, will it be too much to ask you to come along to my job interviews and explain this to my potential employers?

Next, the president came up with a new way to dodge questions:

When reporters began hitting him with questions, he declined to cooperate and challenged them to buy something since "you've got plenty of money in your pocket."

But, the trip was not a total waste of time:

[The President] bought a $42.95 takeout order of ribs, fried okra, cornbread and buttermilk pie for the Air Force One flight back to Washington.


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